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Alloy wheels alignment & balancing
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    21 Feb 2011
Recently i did Wheel Alignment and Wheel Balancing by nearest Tyre dealer. They gave few suggestions for Wheel Balancing Weights, that i like to share it now.

Maruti regular service center use CLIP type of weights for wheel balancing, i'm not sure all the Maruti service center does this. When i met this Tyre dealer, they gave suggestion not to use Clip type weights, its better to use Sticker type weights for wheel balancing.

Why Sticker type weights? reason is to avoid damaging our alloy wheels. If we use Sticker type we can remove without any damage to our alloy wheels, if we use Clip type weights we have to use some tools by plugging out the clips.

This is what they suggested me. since I'm not much experience in wheels and i felt this sticker type weights does not make any damages to my wheels, so i used Sticker type weights and still they are in my wheels.

I have attached few photos of my wheels.
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